Game Driving Wheels - T500 RS, Logitech G27, GT

Force GT Wheel

GT home racing game wheel

With the Force GT Wheel you will derive the most out of the games. When you play the game with this steering wheel, you will feel like you are in fact driving! The feel for the game is a thousand times better with the driving game wheel and pedals connected to your PlayStation3 gaming platform. You will receive complete control over the race cars you will be driving during the game.

Logitech G27 Gaming Wheel

G27 home racing game wheel

Are you a fan of the adrenaline surge and fast-paced action of driving simulations? Are you among the individuals who can't help tilting sideways each time there is a sharp turn while playing Need For Speed on your PS 3? Then, the Logitech G27 will bolster your senses and throw you into the ultimate racing experience.

Thrustmaster T500

Thrustmaster home racing game wheel

The thirty-cm Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel rim is powered by an industrial-class 65 watt force feedback motor that utilizes a double-transmission belt driven mechanism to transmit the effects. The wheel offers 1080 degrees of rotation, outrivaling all other steering wheels on the market which are restricted to nine hundred degrees of rotation.